• 20 january 2017

Introducing our new website, we wanted to change the look and feel of our website. Making it more comprehensible for our visitors.

We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. The updated site includes changes to navigation, with dropdown menus for both mobile and desktop versions. We’ve also improved the structure of our content, so you’ll get more from a quick read. There’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes, all to make your experience of the adjust site that much better for you.

When we started the project we had big ideas, from updating company messaging to helping users get from one place to the next without skipping our most important content.   

We have also created a host of new graphics and included a few updates that have made the site easier to use.

We hope you like the changes, and if you have any feedback contact us.

We are pleased to announce the purchase off an important real estate in Europe. Like always we negotaited and where able to have an unique cooperation with all countries envolved with this property making this a game chancer without risk. To be able to purchase this without risk was one of our biggist priority. At this time we have a special fundation to make sure everything will go like we planned. There is also a video message containing many high qaulified partners who offer there support at what will be one off the biggist historical building in Europe. Folow us and read more about this project at www.palackopice.pl